Crisis Response

PFDL offers crisis response to local schools using the PREPaRE Crisis Prevention and Intervention Model.  PFDL Clinicians are trained in this comprehensive model, specifically created to give school administrators and mental health professionals skills and knowledge when responding to a crisis.   For additional resources on how to establish safety protocols and procedures at your schools and for informational handouts pertaining to various crisis situations, please visit the NCSTN website at:

"Creating a safe learning environment is a top priority for schools.  Unfortunately, not all crises are preventable and schools must be prepared in the event that a crisis occurs.  Following a crisis, the first goal must be to reestablish a sense of safety amongst students and staff.  To reestablish trust and safety, it requires a collective effort amongst school professionals, which is achieved through creating safety protocols and procedures.   Crisis response protocols and procedures should also include collaboration with outside providers who can provide additional support."
                              -Assistant Program Director